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Trampoline frame pads

Trampoline frame pads


We have a huge range of quality trampoline frame pads (sometimes known as trampoline spring covers) to fit most makes of trampolines. The size of the frame pad is determined by the diameter of the trampoline frame and the length of the trampoline springs

All our trampoline frame pads are designed to cover the entire top frame and springs so that the user is protected from all metal parts of the frame. All the pads have closed cell foam so that they don't absorb water and in the higher quality pads, the cells are cross linked which means the individual cells will not crush and wear thin even after years of use. 

All our frame pads are supplied with the relevant fixings to secure them to the frame of your trampoline.

If you are in any doubt which frame pads you need for your trampoline, call our trampoline spares help line on 01884 821340 and speak to one of our trampoline specialists.

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